Shop Type

Suitable for B2B, B2C, Multi/Single Vendor shop.

Best ecommerce shop type

The practice of marketing and selling items between two businesses through the internet is known as B2B eCommerce. It is a system that automates sales between companies, suppliers, and distributors. It has higher growth opportunities with fewer middlemen. The objective is to increase consumer reach while lowering cost-to-serve.


A commercial transaction between a business and an end consumer is referred to as a B2C, or business-to-consumer. It is the process of selling things to customers directly. B2C marketing strives to elicit an emotional response and capitalize on the brand’s value by concentrating on long-term personal connections and consumer education.

Both B2B & B2C

B2M refers to a company that handles both B2B and B2C business. It’s a marketing phrase for a company that offers its products or services to both companies and consumers. B2M companies have a larger and/or more diverse target audience. This implies they’ll need to diversify their marketing techniques.

Single vendor

A marketplace where a single seller offers their items to several clients is known as a single-vendor eCommerce shop. The items and services offered by such standalone stores are often limited


A marketplace where multiple vendors come together to sell their products and services to various clients is known as a multi-vendor ecommerce site. Customers can buy items from a variety of merchants or brands in multi-vendor marketplaces.

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